Now Accepting Interns: Please Take Over The Hearsay!

Interns - Copy

By Hearsay Staff, February 3, 2016

We at The Hearsay believe our humble blog adds a dash of sanity and humor to the otherwise piss-filled-bag-hanging-ominously-overhead law school experience. However, despite our love for this esteemed publication, we can’t keep writing forever. We’re 3Ls. We’re pretty sure we’ll graduate in a couple of months.

That means we need someone to carry the torch. Continue reading

Announcing Your 2016 Law Prom Royalty!

Grumpy Cat - Copy

By Hearsay Staff, January 30, 2015

This is it, you guys. You’ve embraced your inner #teen and arbitrarily selected two people to rule over you with plastic crowns and iron fists. With over 500 votes cast, the results are in. Continue reading

Last Chance: Vote for Law Prom Royalty

Law Prom Final - Copy

By Hearsay Staff, January 29, 2016

Wow, you guys. One more day until the big dance! Can you believe this? It seems like only yesterday the dance was two days away.

So much can happen on an evening like this. Maybe you’ll finally get the nerve to talk to that cutie from Torts! Maybe some 3L will remove your glasses and put a bow in your hair so everyone finally realizes how beautiful and cool you are, Greg! Or maybe all the currently fabricated law school structures will remain intact and you’ll only talk to people from your study table! I don’t know! Continue reading

Vote for Law Prom King and Queen 2016

Schmader Final - Copy

God Save the Queen

The nominations are in! After entirely missing our own self-imposed deadline, The Hearsay is finally letting you vote for this year’s Law Prom King and Queen. We editors reach down our despotic hands to dust you plebeians with this democratic offering of interactivity. panem et circenses. Continue reading


Trownson Prom Final - Copy

By Hearsay Staff, January 13, 2016

The Hearsay is Professor-Tokaji-on-a-chair excited to announce the second annual Law Prom King and Queen competition! Continue reading

Acc Check Raises Concerns Scholarly Article Actually Written by Fourth Grader

Professor Kevin - Copy

Professor Kevin, courtesy of LinkedIn.

By Hearsay Staff, January 7, 2015

Second-year Ohio State Law Journal members are back at Moritz, their coveted winter breaks cut short by a full week. The reason? Spring Accuracy Check, motherfuckers!

Acc Check is the grueling process of reviewing half-baked scholarly articles for grammar and citation errors. It is a completely thankless task. And while most people would say, “fuck you, you signed up for this, and I don’t pity you for a second,” OSLJ members are nonetheless frustrated by the poor quality of this semester’s articles. In fact, mutterings around the journal office suggest that one article may have actually been written by a fourth grader.
Continue reading

Dean Michaels Provides Bleak OCI Update Before Skipping Town

Michaels Escape - Copy.png

Draft. Revise. Send. GTFOOOOOO!

By Hearsay Staff, December 31, 2015

In a morning correspondence to the student body, Dean Alan Michaels revealed that the traditional On-Campus Interview process–popularly referred to as “OCIs” or “the Hunger Games”–has been ditched for a new yet-to-be-determined method of job selection. Continue reading

Photo: Faculty Young Republicans Holiday Party Enjoyed By Both

Faculty Holiday Party Final - Copy.png

Professors Chris Walker and Paul Rose. Not pictured, Jenga champion The Invisible Hand.

By Hearsay Staff, December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays from The Hearsay!

Opinion: It is refreshing how few urinals have been ripped off the walls

BW 02 - Copy

I don’t mind this.

By Hearsay Staff, December 14, 2015

Despite being a Type A law student, I’m pretty laid back! I’m accustomed to hottish/coldish classrooms, bad coffee from UDF, and the most god awful, incomprehensible casebooks on the planet. Tuition is high, but I can deal with that. However, my one demand is that when I need to use the bathroom, I have an adequate number of toilets to choose from. So it is refreshing to see that only one urinal in the first floor bathroom has been ripped from the wall, placed in a toilet stall, and apparently forgotten altogether. Continue reading


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